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Adding Users to the Company - Monitoring

Adding Users to your Company

In the platform menu at the top right corner, select the 'Settings' button.

In Settings, in the left column, go to 'Users Management' and click on 'Edit Preferences' within the 'Users' field.

Visit our other articles if you want to learn more about all management settings, such as Team Registration and activation of special features via Permissions.

If there are already registered users in your company, the list of all users and their roles will be displayed. On the right side of the list, you can edit the registration details of each user, as well as disable users.

To edit a user's roles, simply click 'Edit' and change the same information entered during registration, then click 'Save.' To disable a user, follow the instructions and warnings described in this article.

To register a new user in the platform, click '+ Add User.'

Fill in the form fields with the information of the person to be registered as shown below.

Note that the 'Profile' field is mandatory and corresponds to the category of accesses granted to this user. The profile type will depend on the TRACTIAN products implemented by the company and the previous customization of the Permissions area by the Team Administrator. If you are an Administrator, access this tutorial to learn how to create and customize profiles for your team according to each one's scope of work.

If you are an Administrator of more than one company registered on the platform and want this user to also have access to other companies, click 'Add access to more companies.' A new selection field will appear on the screen, and by clicking on it, you can search and add the companies to which you want the new user to have access. In the example below, two companies were selected for the user being created.

After filling out the form, click 'Save.' The new user will immediately receive an email with the access link to the TRACTIAN platform, along with login instructions.

Updated on: 02/08/2024

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