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Audio & Rich Text

Insert audio and format text on the platform

You can insert explanatory audios and also machine audios into work orders, requests, procedures and all comments made within the platform.

Requests and Work Orders:


When you add a new maintenance request to the platform, you can insert an audio in the description section. Simply click on the audio icon within the description and record the desired audio. It will be saved along with the description text.

Text formatting

When you create a new request, under description you will see that you have some new text items, such as making it bold, italicized or marked. You can also create texts with topics and subtopics, and even add an external link to the text.

Platform Comments

In all of the platform's comment fields you can insert the audio you want to record, as well as format the text:


Within procedures, you can insert the audio field for the procedures you have created:

You can also enable audio for all fields in procedures:

When the technician carries out an inspection route, for example, he can insert all the machine audios and even comments on that specific field within the work orders.

Updated on: 11/13/2023

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