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Before Deleting Information on the Platform

Before Deleting Information on the Platform

Before deleting information on the TracOS™ platform, it is important to always check if other information is not linked to it, especially because the platform does not allow filtering of empty fields, such as categories and assets.

For this reason, we have outlined the main actions that need to be taken before deleting certain information on the platform.

Asset Deletion
To delete existing assets in your asset tree, make sure that beforehand, the Work Orders, Plans, Metrics, and Requests associated with that asset are assigned to another asset or location, so that you still have traceable information on the platform.

Category Deletion
Before deleting any category on the platform, ensure that the information from work orders, requests, and maintenance plans is assigned to another category created in TracOS™, so that you can filter that information on the platform.

Wait Reason Deletion
Before deleting your wait reasons that have been created on the platform, it is important to check which work orders are assigned to them and change those reasons. In this case, you need to reopen the work order and change the wait reason. Alternatively, you can use the work order review feature to indicate the changes in wait reasons.

User Deletion
Before deleting users, it is necessary to assign their assets to other users on the platform, as well as change the work orders where they are assigned as responsible, plans, metrics, and inventory items. This way, the plans and work orders will still be open for the new users, and you will also be able to filter your assets by user.

Updated on: 06/28/2023

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