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Comparing assets in Analytics

Comparing assets in Analytics

In the main menu of the platform, select the "Analytics" tab.

Choose the asset that will serve as the basis for comparison, the time period, and the graphs that will be analyzed. Then, click on "Compare assets".

A window will show all the registered assets. Select the asset that will be compared to the base asset you selected in the first step. You can select as many assets as you want. Each one will generate a comparison graph to the base asset.

Once you have selected which asset(s) will be compared to the first one, click on "Compare".

In the example below, we are comparing the asset "Refiner Engine No. 3" with "Refiner Engine No. 4".

The platform will create graphs with the curves of both assets in a single window for comparison, as shown in the image below.

The vibration curves are separated by axis, so you can choose which axis to analyze at a time.

In the example, the red curve represents the axial vibration of the "Refiner Engine No. 3" asset, and the green curve indicates the axial vibration of the "Refiner Engine No. 4" asset.

Therefore, in a single graph, you can compare two different assets. On the same page, if you have selected multiple assets to be compared, you will find the other graphs comparing each of them to the base asset.

Updated on: 11/27/2023

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