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Comparing Assets

Comparing the energy consumption of different assets, processes, and sectors is an excellent method for identifying energy inefficiencies.

Comparing Assets

On the “Analytics” page, click on “Compare.”

Select the asset(s) you wish to compare and click on “Compare.”

All charts will be recalculated with the data from the selected assets for comparative analysis.

In Settings, you can define chart parameters.

Chart: Select whether the charts will be generated in a column or line format.
Group: Combines the selected assets for comparative analysis across different hierarchy levels.
View by Tariff: Divides consumption based on the tariff defined in the consumer group (Off-peak, Mid-peak and Peak).
Reactive Consumption: Includes the portion of reactive consumption.
Internal Legend: Inserts a legend card with detailed information.
Data Label: Inserts data into the chart.

The settings can be applied to all charts on the page.

Updated on: 01/09/2024

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