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Cost Statement

The Cost Statement is a comprehensive report with detailed data on energy costs for assets and meters within the consumer group.

Attention: You must register your company’s consumer group to access the cost statement features. To set up your consumer group, please visit the link below.

FAQ - Consumer Groups and Energy Contracts

Generating the Cost Statement

To set consumption alerts, go to the “Analytics” tab in the main menu of the platform.

Click on "Cost Statement."

The Cost Statement will appear in a window with the data of the asset, location, sensor, and consumer group pertaining to the report.

You can edit the day, format, and view tariffs for a complete analysis.

The summary of the consumer group displays the most important data of consumption and demand, tariff, and cost, analyzing the impact of the selected asset within the consumer group.

The demonstrative statement shows detailed consumption and cost data for the selected period.

To print the report in PDF format, simply click on “Print.”

Updated on: 01/10/2024

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