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Creating new users to access the company

How to create new users to access the company

To learn more about all Company settings, such as team registration and activation of special features, click here.

In the platform menu at the top right corner, select the "Settings" button.

Then, in the column located on the left side of the screen, check the "Company" options and click on "Users".

The list of registered users in your company and their roles will be displayed. On the right side of the list, you can edit the registration details of each user, as well as disable users.

To add a new user, select "Add User" and fill in the form fields with the information of the person being registered. Finally, click on "Add".

Each registered user has a level of access in the platform (role).

Furthermore, only users with an Administrator profile can create and edit users on the platform.

If you want to guide the new user on how to access the platform, send them the link to the article on how to access the platform.

Updated on: 11/27/2023

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