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Disconnecting the Receiver from the Mobile Network or Wi-Fi

Disconnect the Receiver from a Wi-Fi network

If you wish to disconnect the receiver from the previously connected mobile network or Wi-Fi and then connect it to the available mobile network in the region or another Wi-Fi network, please follow the instructions below.

First, unplug your Smart Receiver from the power outlet, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in.

Wait for the LED to display a white light, which will take about 10 seconds.

Next, search for the receiver's network (which starts with TRACTIAN followed by 12 unique digits) in the Wi-Fi settings of your phone or computer, and connect the device to it.

The same configuration window that you previously used to connect your receiver to the company's Wi-Fi network will open. Click on Edit and delete the information in all the filled fields, leaving them blank. Then click on Save.

Wait for 1 minute for the Smart Receiver to connect to the best available mobile network. You can monitor the automatic connection through the LED lights.

Note: If you are disconnecting your Smart Receiver from a Wi-Fi network to connect it to another Wi-Fi network, follow the above procedure first. After saving the network settings, follow the normal manual connection process described in the Smart Receiver Connection article.

Updated on: 06/12/2023

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