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Electricity Rates

Setting Up Electricity Rates

To ensure that energy reports are complete with cost values, it is necessary to configure electricity rates.

Electricity Rates vary greatly depending on the type of consumer, energy consumption period, and contractual agreements. Therefore, in the platform, it is possible to configure adaptive rates based on the consumption period.

In the settings, in the left column, click on "Electricity Rate".

If your Rate is a single constant value, enter the corresponding value in the Standard Rate. (This value will be considered in calculating energy consumption for all periods that do not have specific rates).

If you have more than one rate value, click on "+ Add Period and Cost".

It is necessary to fill in the Rates for specific periods:

Reference Period: Valid period for the added rates (01/06/23 - 07/31/23)
rate Title: Reference name (Electricity Rates - Contract)
Operating Periods: Intraday periods and rate values (Off-Peak Cost/kWh: 0.390)

Simply save, and the energy cost values will be adapted to the corresponding rates.

The entered data will be available in your Analytics tab through the Cost Chart, providing more comprehensive analysis of your consumption. Learn how to add and customize charts in this article.

Updated on: 11/27/2023

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