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Energy Reports

Energy Reports

Energy Reports are automatically generated using data from monitored assets.

To access these charts, go to the "Reports" tab in the main menu of the platform and select the "Energy" option.


The filters below are available to select the period and locations to be displayed in the report, making it easier to visualize and analyze the information.

Periodicity: You can filter the data by specific periods.
By week/By day: The data will be displayed in detail, according to the selected option.
Asset/Location: Filter specific assets or locations for segmented data display.
Criticality: Displays data according to the defined sensitivity of your assets.


The report shows general indicators about monthly energy consumption and its variation compared to the previous month.

Total Consumption (MWh) - Indicates the total accumulated throughout the current month.
Total Cost (R$) - Indicates the total cost of energy for the current month.
Working Time (%) - Indicates the percentage of operating time for monitored equipment.
Average Power Factor (%) - Indicates the average power factor of all monitored equipment.


Charts are created to develop indicators over time periods and specific assets, ideal for more detailed analysis.

To export the report as a PDF, click on "Print" in the top menu and select the desired chart.

The reports page is updated every 40 minutes. The other pages are updated in real time.

Updated on: 11/27/2023

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