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Energy Trac: Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Equipped with IoT technology, Energy Trac collects real-time data on three-phase voltage and current, performs time-based and consumption-based analysis, and automatically detects faults based on the expected operating pattern of the equipment. It generates alerts that prevent unwanted downtime and high costs resulting from unexpected failures.

The sensor collects:

Full Waveform: Complete data collection
FFT Spectrum: Simplified data collection with up to 4096 lines

Here you will find information about the technical specifications of ENERGY TRAC, our energy sensor.

What are the supported energy values?

Voltage Acquisition
Phase-Neutral: From 90V to 277V
Phase-Phase: From 156V to 480V

Current Acquisition
SCT013-010 Current Transformer: Up to 10A, recommended for smaller assets
SCT013-100 Current Transformer: Up to 100A, recommended for smaller assets or groups of smaller assets

Rogowski Coil RFSY-50-50: Up to 1000A, recommended for larger assets or groups of assets
Rogowski Coil RFSZ-90-100: Up to 5000A, recommended for larger assets or groups of assets

What are the dimensions of the sensor?

The sensor weighs 172g, excluding connection cables, with an external casing made of Makrolon® Polycarbonate. The dimensions of Energy Trac are: 81.0mm (W) x 71.4mm (H) x 44.2mm (D).

How is the sensor attached?

The sensor has Neodymium Magnets, allowing it to be easily mounted on metal surfaces in the electrical panel, and it is compatible with DIN Rails measuring 35mm x 7.5mm.

How does the sensor communicate with the platform?

The sensor has an external antenna for communication with the mobile network or Wi-Fi network.

What is the maximum and minimum temperature that the sensor can withstand?

Considering the operation and safety of the equipment, the thermal operating range is from -22°F to 60°F, depending on the model of the clamp.

Technical Specifications: Energy Trac

Updated on: 06/27/2023

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