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Execution of a Work Order

Execution of a Work Order

Once the work order is ready and the technician receives the execution schedule, it is necessary to update the status of the work order according to the user's actions. Technicians can only view the orders for which they have been assigned as responsible parties. Only administrators and planners have access to all orders.

Open: Work order awaiting scheduling and start;
On Hold: Work order on hold for some reason (reasons defined by the planner, more information in the article: Work Orders on Hold);
In Progress: Work order being executed by the user;
Done: Work order finished.

To calculate time and cost automatically, the system uses the sum of the value of inventory items used in the work order. It can be the time the work order remained open with the status "In Progress", the technician's hourly rate, and other occasional costs –such as third-party services or travel expenses, which can be manually added in the "Other Costs" field.

Updated on: 11/27/2023

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