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Filters and Asset Visualization

In the assets menu, as well as in other sections of the platform, you can search for and filter information in a simple and intuitive way. To filter information in the asset tree, select as many options as you want from the ones described in the image below to simplify the visualization of locations and assets.

The available filters are:

Assignees: Teams or users responsible for the location/asset.
Criticality: Search for assets that have been assigned the following criticalities: Catastrophic, High, Medium, Low.
Model: Standard or custom asset models.
Tags: Search for tags assigned to locations/assets.
Work Orders: Status of open work orders for the locations/assets.
Metrics: Readings status of asset metrics.
Plans: Defined periodicity for upcoming preventive work orders on assets.

In addition, you can expand or collapse assets in the list using the visualization icon. To show or hide inventory items in the asset tree, simply select the inventory items icon located above the list.

Both the filters mentioned earlier and any other filters you want to use in the platform can be saved as custom filters for your company. They will appear in the "My Filters" tab. To do this, apply the desired filter, and then click on "Save Filters" in the menu, located on the right side of the filters.

You can also view work orders in three different formats:




The three formats essentially provide the same information, but you can choose the one that best suits your management routine.

Updated on: 06/12/2023

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