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In the "Work Orders" menu, you can easily search and filter information in a simple and intuitive way. To filter the information, select as many options as you want from those described in the image below to simplify the visualization of work orders.

The available filters are:

Created by: For work orders that originate from Metric Plans, you can filter by the creator.
Assignees: Teams or users responsible for the work order.
Date: Now, in the Work Orders tab, you can filter by Due Date, Creation Date, Completion Date, Start Date, and Last Update.
Asset/Location: Location or assets for visualization.
Priority: Level of priority for the work order.
Status: Current status of the work order.
Categories: Filter by defined categories.
Tags: Search for tags assigned to the work order.
On Hold Reasons: Filter by work orders with predefined wait reasons.
Criticality: Filter work orders based on the catastrophic, high, moderate, or low criticality of the registered asset.
Identified Failures: Filter by registered failures in corrective work orders.
Only Deleted Work Orders: Search for work orders that have been deleted.

Apply the desired filters. Once done, click on "Save Filters" in the menu, located on the right side of the filters.

Both the filters from the previous examples and any other you wish to use can be saved as custom filters for your company, and will appear in the "My Filters" tab.

Give a name to the chosen filter, such as "Overdue Work Orders," and select the box if you want to make it available to your entire team. Once done, click on "Save."

Now you're all set to start organizing your work order routine!

Updated on: 11/27/2023

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