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General Settings: User

General Settings: User

1.1 User Settings

In the top menu of the platform, on the right corner, click on your profile. Then, access "Settings."

In the "Profile" section, you can update your user data such as Photo, Name, and Phone Number.

*Note: If your email is incorrect, you need to delete your user and register it again.

1.2 Language

In the "Language" section, you can configure the time zone and the preferred language for the user.

1.3 Notifications

Tractian sends notifications via email or through the application. In the "Notifications" section, you can configure how you want to receive them. The notifications include:

Requests: when a Request is opened with you assigned for the selected Asset or Location, and also refer to notifications sent when your request is approved or disapproved.
Inventory: When you are assigned for reaches its minimum stock quantities
Metrics: These are the notifications when a Metric, for which the Asset has you as a responsible party, requires a reading.
Mentions: These are the notifications when a user mentions you in comments on the platform.
Comments: When a user comments on a page where you are the assigned user or were mentioned previously.
Others: These are additional notifications from the platform, such as Tractian's announcements and updates.

Updated on: 06/12/2023

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