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How to create a Work Order

Creating new Work Orders

A work order is one of the main tools for effective maintenance planning and control.

To create a new work order, access the "Work Orders" tab in the main menu of the platform and select the "Add Work Order" option.

You must fill in what needs to be done in the work order, which is mandatory. Other fields include:

Description: Description of the task to be performed.
Location or Asset: Where the service will be carried out.
Procedure: Add a procedure that applies to the work order.
Inventory: Add any inventory item that will be used.
Responsibles: People or teams responsible for the execution.
Planned Start Date: When the task should be started.
Due Date: Final date for completion.
Repetition: Use repetition when the work order needs to be performed periodically. For example: a 5S order to clean and organize the maintenance department every Friday.
Priority: Degree of priority for execution.
Categories: What type of service does this work order relate to? Identify it here, for example, by using categories such as electrical corrective, lubrication, preventive, and external services, among others.
Tags: Use a word or number that facilitates the identification of this work order.
Associated Work Orders and Requests: If you have generated any other related work orders or requests for this service, you can use this field for tracking purposes.

Remember: a good completion of service order details will ensure the smoothness of your work!

Updated on: 11/27/2023

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