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How to create metrics online or offline

Creating a Metric

Metrics are interpretations of one or more measurements that allow understanding the operation of plant assets. Within TracOS™, it is possible to track metrics to make decisions based on them.

There are Online or Offline Metrics.

Online metrics are brought into the platform through the reading of Tractian sensors: Smart Trac and Energy Trac.

Offline metrics are manual follow-ups, usually collected during inspection routes, which are entered into the system through user inputs.

To register a metric, go to the main menu of the platform and select the "Metrics" tab. Then, select "Add Metric" and fill in the necessary fields.

You must fill in the metric name, type, and unit of measurement. Other fields include:

Assign to: select the equipment being monitored through this metric;
Reading frequency: time interval at which metric readings should be performed.

The asset owner will receive notifications whenever a metric collection is required.

One tool available to facilitate asset tracking is creating automatic work orders or alert notifications based on metric readings. To do this, access the created metric and select the "Add Automation" option.

Updated on: 11/27/2023

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