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How to Obtain a Token

How to Obtain a Token

To use the TRACTIAN platform's API, you need to obtain an authentication token that allows access to the available resources.

Currently, we provide two types of tokens:

User and Company Associated Token

All interactions will be logged with this user as a reference. For example, within the platform, you will see that "User X just created a Test Asset for API Integration."

This type of token is recommended for personal use. You can use it for analysis or to import a list of assets in bulk from your old database.

Company-Associated Token

All interactions will be logged with the reference of this API.

This type of token is recommended for technical teams. It can cut manual updates by operators in their work orders if, for instance, you have a purchasing system used by the finance team and want a newly acquired item to be accounted for on the TRACTIAN platform.

To request an access token, please contact our team.

When contacting us, provide your contact information and the purpose for which you want to use the API.

It is important to note that using the API incurs an additional cost.

Once the access token is generated, it will be sent to the email address provided by the user. To use the API, simply add the token to the access request.

Updated on: 11/27/2023

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