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How to register a location

Registering a location

In the main menu of the platform, select the "Assets" tab. Then, to register a location, select "Add Location" and fill in the necessary fields. This location may or may not be linked to a previous location, and after being registered, other locations or assets can be linked to it.

You must fill in the name of the location, which is mandatory. Other fields include:

Image: Add an image of the location to make your platform more visual for all users.
Location Description: Provide a brief description of the registered location.
Responsibles: These users will be responsible for responding to work orders and plans generated for this location.
Parent Location: If this field is filled, the location being registered will automatically become a Sub Location of this parent location.
Address: An important field, especially when there are multiple units in the same platform.
QR Code: You can choose a QR Code or let the system generate one automatically. This QR Code can be placed on equipment and will facilitate the opening of work orders.
Tags: Location abbreviation used to facilitate its identification.

It is crucial to register as much information as possible, as it facilitates plant and asset management. The more complete your platform is, the better!

Updated on: 05/22/2023

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