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Information Conflict - Offline App

Information conflict

When your app resumes connectivity, the data recorded while offline will be updated in TracOS™. There are status types for the update:

Saving updates made offline;
Saved updates;
Updates saved, but conflicts were identified;
Updates saved, but errors were identified.

Information conflicts that occurred during the period that the app was in offline mode will be flagged at the top of the interface. Only the PCM can regularize these conflicts. A notification will remind you to correct and confirm the information.

To solve conflicts via the web platform, you can go to settings and access the conflicts tab, or click on the conflicts icon in the top right corner.

You will have access to work orders that need to be updated. When you click on an WO, it will appear which items are in conflict so you can update them.

You will also see that the history of all completed conflicts will be visible in this same tab on the platform.

Good practices to avoid conflicts

Do not use two different devices simultaneously in offline mode.
Do not use the application in offline mode while performing online operations on another device.
Avoid starting work timers for Work Orders in offline mode if you already have active timers on the online device.
Avoid long periods offline, as the longer the time interval to synchronize your actions, the greater the likelihood of conflicts with the actions of other users.
Avoid closing or deleting a Work Order that someone else is working on, whether offline or online.
Avoid working offline in the same WO where other users are working. The same applies to requests, as user actions may conflict with each other.
Avoid replacing or duplicating your offline actions on an online device before syncing them.

Updated on: 11/27/2023

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