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Inserting and Customizing Charts in Insights

Inserting and Customizing Charts in Insights

How to insert and customize charts in Insights

On the platform's main menu, select the "Insights" tab. Then, choose the asset and the period that will be analyzed.

In the example below, the asset is Refiner No. 1, and the defined period is the last 30 days.

Click on the "Charts" button. Then, select the variables and types of charts you want to observe.

In addition to speed and acceleration, you can also observe charts for temperature, hour meter, and estimated consumption.

Click on the gear icon to access the chart settings. You can enable/disable the insertion of insights, events, and tooltips. It is also possible to define the scale of the charts.

Updated on: 17/05/2023

Updated on: 05/22/2023

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