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Insights: General Information and Analysis

Insight Analysis

1.1 What is an insight?

Insights are responsible for notifying when something out of the ordinary is happening with a specific asset or machine, and this behavior may represent a risk or hinder the performance of the machine/production line. Insights can also be translated as an alert or event. They can be:

Generalist Insight: It occurs when mathematical models detect a deviation from operational patterns but cannot accurately prescribe what is happening yet (e.g., increased vibration).
Specialist Insight: In this case, mathematical models can accurately prescribe the failure mode the asset is experiencing, specifying the problem (e.g., misalignment, imbalance, mechanical looseness, among other failure modes).

1.2 Selecting an Insight

Within the platform, on the “Overview” screen, we will have the “Insights” column.

You will find pending insights and those that have already been checked. It’s possible to apply filters by Insight Type, Period, or even Asset. To start reviewing, click on the insight.

1.3 Insight Status

Analyzing the insight is crucial for the maintenance team to understand what is happening. To start the review process, we must first select its status, which can be:

Pending: The insight has not yet been analyzed, and the maintenance team has not yet moved to the asset to perform an initial inspection.
In Inspection: The team is analyzing the data sent by the platform and validating it in the field, together with the asset.
In Intervention: The asset is undergoing intervention by the maintenance team.
Check: After the inspection, the team should validate the insight on the platform, allowing the artificial intelligence to learn from the feedback provided by the team.

Access the specific article on checking and validating an Insight to learn more about the different statuses and how to change them.

1.4 Quantitative Data of the Insight

It is possible to check the quantitative values that created an insight. The user can understand the rupture value, values for the three axes, failure mode, and when the alert was generated.

1.5 Insight Analysis

In “Analysis,” the failure mode is set visually. The graph will show how the asset was behaving at the moment the Insight was created.

1.6 Insight Prescription

By clicking on "Prescription," you will have access to possible causes and what to inspect.


By adding a comment to the alert, the team will answer more quickly.

If preferred, you can add an attachment (image, file, etc.) to ease communication with the responsible teams.

To mention someone in a comment, simply type "@" and the list of registered collaborators in the platform will be displayed.

1.8 Printing the Insight

To print the insight, simply click on the printer icon in the header.

A screen with the Predictive Analysis Report of the Insight will be generated. You can download or print the report by clicking on the icons located in the header of the document.

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Updated on: 11/06/2023

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