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Location Registration

Articles on: Monitoring

Adding a New Location

1.1 Creating a Location

Through the "Assets" tab in the platform's main menu, you can import your asset tree, determining locations, assets, sub-assets, responsible parties, manufacturer information, and other important data for plant monitoring.

A Location is the highest hierarchical structure in your tree. To begin, click on "+ Add Location."

Next, you should fill in the Location Name. You can also add a photo of your Location and a brief description.

1.2 Defining Location Responsibles

In this field, you can enter the employees who are responsible for the entire Location. It is important to note that only users included in this field will receive alerts generated by the platform.

If you want all registered platform users to be notified when a new alert is generated, leave this field blank.

1.3 Address

Here, you can enter the address of your location. Simply enter it in the "Address" field.

1.4 Location QR Code

To generate a QR Code for your Location, you can manually enter it following your organization's standard or generate a code automatically.

1.5 Location Tags

To add a tag, simply click on the TAG field and enter it according to the models used in your organization.

1.6 Location Attachments

To add an attachment, such as an electrical diagram of your location, click on "Attach Files" and upload your file.

Now your Location is created!

Updated on: 11/27/2023

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