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Movement History

Movement History

The item's movement history is saved in a graphical and tabular format, as shown in the images below:

1. Filters and Views

In the "Inventory" menu, like other menus in the platform, you can search and filter information in a simple and intuitive manner. To filter information about items, select as many options as you want from the ones described in the image below to simplify the visualization.

The available filters are:

Asignees: Teams or users responsible for the item;
Created by: User responsible for creating the item;
Asset/Location: Asset/Location to which the item is linked;
Stock level: Search for critical or normal stock levels;
Tags: Search for tags registered to the items.
Material Types: Search a item by the material type it is categorized as.

To search for an inventory item by name or tag, use the search bar. Items can be viewed in a panel format, where you can access each item individually, or in a table format, where you have access to view or take mass actions.



By using the table format, you can extract the list to Excel by exporting all the data, and also increase the number of items per page, as shown in the image below.

Updated on: 06/23/2023

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