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Non-Consumables and Material Types

Non-Consumables and Material Types

You can register your inventory items and specify whether they are consumable or non-consumable. You can also classify the type of material in the inventory.

The platform comes with some pre-registered material types, but you can also create others for control.

Go to the platform settings and select the material types:

As you can see, the platform already comes with pre-registered materials, but you can edit them or add a new material type:

When adding a new material, you can enter the name, description, and specify if it is a Non-Consumable item:

Non-Consumable Items

Non-consumable items are items that, when linked to service orders, will not be deducted from the inventory when the service orders are completed, nor will they be considered in the cost report. Additionally, they do not have a minimum or maximum quantity when the item is created in the inventory tab.

In addition to Non-Consumable Items, the platform already has three other predefined item types: Equipment, Supplies, and Components.

Items can be registered as equipment when there is a need to use specific machinery, such as a crane or overhead bridge that requires some authorization for use.

Items that can be registered as supplies in the inventory can be things like oil or lubricants, which are used as supplies for machine maintenance.

Items registered as components are, for example, the necessary parts for replacement, such as a bearing.

Updated on: 06/22/2023

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