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Platform Overview

Platform Overview Screen

In the Overview tab of the platform, assets registered in your company will be displayed for monitoring.


In the “Overview” menu, you can organize and filter your actions in a simple and intuitive way. To filter the information, select any options you want, from those described in the image below.

The available filters are:

Assignees: Teams or users responsible for the assets;
Criticality: Filter by the criticality status in which the registered asset is: Catastrophic, High, Moderate or Low criticality.¹
Sensor: Assets that have vibration or energy sensors attached.

¹You can customize the options in the Settings.


The view of asset cards can be configured in two ways: by assets or by locations. In tree view, each card will represent a sublocation with its active assets within them.

Asset Cards

The assets will be drawn in the form of a card, where the following information will be displayed: Name, Location and Sub-assets. Below the asset information, a counter will be available, indicating how long the asset has been in that specific status.


There are 5 statuses that assets and sub-assets can assume:

Working:Equipment in operation without pending insights and not in alert;
In Alert: Equipment that has had insights which have not yet been verified;
Stopped: An asset which is stopped at the moment. It can be in a scheduled or unscheduled stop, according to the operational window;
Offline: Symbolizes that the sensor is in offline and disconnected from the platform.
Warning: Intermediate status between alert and Working. Insights marked as "Under Inspection" or verified with an identified but not fixed problem or where a potential problem was identified will be marked with this status.


In the right corner of your screen, you will be able to monitor the pending issues related to your assets whenever an insight is triggered.

Whenever your machine has a necessary action, it will have a pending issue.

Updated on: 10/09/2023

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