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Receiving Notifications for Created Requests

Receiving Notifications for Created Requests

To be notified every time a maintenance request is created, there are two solutions:

1 - The assets and locations registered in the platform should have their responsible parties defined as planners or administrators. People registered as technicians in the platform will not be notified when the requests are opened.

In this first case, all the responsible parties for the assets and locations that have been registered will be associated with all approved work orders as responsible parties, which is not recommended.

2 - Create a team within the platform and configure it to receive notifications.

In the platform settings, go to teams and add a new team.

This way, you can create specific teams for the approval process in each area and select the option to receive notifications for request openings. This means that when a request is opened in a particular location within the facility, the responsible parties for that area will be notified.

Updated on: 11/27/2023

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