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Request Procedure

Request Procedure

You have the ability to incorporate procedures within the maintenance requests that will be opened by operators and requesters.

For instance, you may identify the need for specific information that is relevant to your process, that is not supported in the existing fields in the platform’s request form. In these cases, you can establish a mandatory checklist for your maintenance requests.

To do this, create the checklist directly within the procedures tab. If you require specific instructions on this process, please refer to this link.

To integrate a process within the requests, navigate to the platform setting, and select ‘work orders’.

Within this section, activate the option for request procedures.

Here, a window will open for you so you can select your desired procedures for the requests.

Click on add procedure and choose the one you just created.

After adding the procedure, it will return to the previous screen, and you will see the option to lock the editing of the fields within the work order, when the request is approved.

You can choose to have this option flagged or not, based on the needs of your operation.

If it is marked, the PCM won’t be able to edit the fields.
If it is not marked, the PCM will have the ability to edit the fields when approving the work order.

It is also possible to edit the procedure by changing any of the fields.

Creating a Request

Now, when creating the maintenance request, you will notice that in addition to the existing fields, the procedure also includes a set of steps that need to be filled out.

After the request is approved and it becomes a work order, you will see that the request procedure is also included in the work order.

In this case, it cannot be edited, as I selected the option for non-editing.

Updated on: 01/16/2024

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