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Special Administrator Features

Special Features

The platform has some special features that are not available for customer viewing but will be presented during the initial training.

To unlock them, please contact our support team.

Allow Technicians to create Work Orders;
Enable Work Orders Review: Work orders are completed by technicians. With this feature, it is possible to enable an improvement so the PCM (Planning and Control of Maintenance) can review what was done by the technical team and validate if everything is correct.
Block users from deleting comments;
Block the creation of Work Orders and Requests without Asset/Location and Category: Indicators are generated based on the Category and Asset/Location fields. Therefore, without this information, the data measurement is affected, leading to rework for planning and also for and scheduling teams;
Approve Requests with High Priority automatically : Requests require approval to become Work Orders. With this feature, it is possible to automatically approve high-priority requests and convert them into work orders;
Allow Technicians and Requesters to view Work Orders and Requests in which they were mentioned;
Allow Technicians to add other assignees to a Work Order : If the performer has another assistant involved in the same activity, they can add another participant to the work order;
Hide inventory items cost for Technicians and Requesters;
Enable Receiver notifications configuration feature.

Updated on: 11/27/2023

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