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Uninstall Smart Trac sensor from the asset

Uninstall the Sensor from the Asset

Necessary Tools:

Two identical wrenches (10mm for M6 base or 13mm for M8 base).
Sledgehammer or hammer

If you need to remove the previously installed Smart Trac sensor on your machine, follow the instructions below.

1. Base Attachment

Use the first wrench to firmly secure the sensor base. This will help prevent damage to the adhesive during the process.

2. Loosening the Parlock Nut:

With the second wrench, loosen the Parlock nut of the sensor by turning counterclockwise. Make sure to completely loosen the nut.

3. Sensor Unscrewing:

Unscrew the sensor completely. If there is a need to also remove the glued base, proceed to the next step.

4. Removing the Glued Base:

If you are replacing the asset with a reserved one, and if this happens frequently, consider requesting extra bases to keep them glued to both assets, streamlining the sensor reinstallation procedure, requiring only screwing.
Use a sledgehammer or hammer to gently strike the side of the base.
Start with light blows and gradually increase the force until the base loosens.
Take precautions not to throw the base in the direction of people, equipment, or processes around during removal, especially in assets with aluminum or stainless steel casings.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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