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Work Order Views

Work Orders - View Modes

Work orders can be used in four different ways:



Using the table format, users can extract data generated in work orders in bulk for exporting to Excel. They can also print reports in a compact or comprehensive format and adjust the row size of the file.

You can also print the work orders in the order they were selected. For example, if work order #1, #6, and #12 were selected, the printing will follow that order.

In the table view, it is possible to see the age of the work order and its movement status.


The calendar format provides a comprehensive view of the backlog of activities, allowing planners and technicians to manage and organize their routines effectively.

It is also possible to adjust the calendar view to show work orders on a monthly or weekly basis for easier verification.


To access the Kanban view, select the button of the same name in the top menu of the Work Orders tab.

With the Kanban view, you can group your Work Orders by different fields, such as Categories and Teams. This allows you to gain insights into trends and patterns related to different aspects of your tasks. To group, simply press the gear in the top right corner of your screen and select the desired grouping method.

Cards can be easily moved within the Status group, allowing you to efficiently manage the progress of your Work Orders. To do this, select a card and drag it with the mouse to the desired column.

Updated on: 11/27/2023

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