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Work Orders - Timer

Timing work orders

In your TRACTIAN mobile app, you can time the duration spent on completing a work order or request. To access the timer functionality, simply open the menu in the top left corner of your application, select Work Orders, and choose the work order to be timed.

By clicking on Start Timer, the time will automatically start counting.

NOTE: You can only time work orders that are OPEN, ON HOLD, or IN PROGRESS. Once a work order is completed, you won't be able to modify the timed data.

While the timer is running, you have three options: Discard, Pause, or Finish.

Discard: Deletes the current time record, allowing you to start a new one from scratch.
Pause: Pauses the timer at the recorded time. Upon selecting this option, it will be replaced with "Resume," which restarts the timer.
Finish: Saves the current timer time.

Finishing a time recording

When you select Finish on your timer, you'll need to add a category to the recorded period (mandatory) and an hourly rate (optional). Once the fields are filled, click Save to register the timed duration in your work order.

To access the time data, you need to scroll down on your screen to the "Time and Cost" section. After that, simply select "Time," and a new screen will open with the details recorded by category and a summary at the top of the screen.

Total Time: The sum of the timed duration within the work order, along with the associated cost displayed below.
My Times: The timed duration recorded by your user within the work order.

You can also review the history of changes at the end of the selected work order.

Updated on: 06/15/2023

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